5 Questions to Ask About Auto Insurance in Orlando

5 Questions to Ask About Auto Insurance in Orlando

When you decide you want to purchase auto insurance in Orlando, there are several questions that you should ask an agent. This will allow you to be confident you are getting the best coverage. It can also help you get an affordable policy. There is no reason for you to have to shop insurance on your own. By working with an independent insurance agent, you can be sure to get answers to all of your concerns.

What is Required by State?

You need to learn what is required by the state of Florida. This will include liability insurance for both property and personal injury. This means that you need to maintain at least the minimum required by the state. Understanding this will help you to determine what else you can add to your policy so that you have the necessary protection throughout the year.

What are the Other Coverage Options?

Understanding some of the other coverage options are critical. You want to find out what is available as well as what is recommended. For example, if you are financing or leasing your car, you may be required to have additional coverage based upon what the lienholder wants you to have. You may need to consider collision, comprehensive, and even uninsured/underinsured coverage.

In many instances, the other coverage that you can add is a minimal expense. However, it can dramatically reduce the amount of money that you would have to spend out-of-pocket in the event of a major accident.

Is there an Option for Replacement Coverage?

If you get into a major accident and your car is totaled, you want to look at a replacement option. After all, if your car is totaled, you want to be able to replace your car so that you can get back on the road. This is also referred to as GAP in some instances.

Is Roadside Assistance Necessary?

Roadside assistance is commonly added policies, even without you requesting it. This is often what insurance companies do as a way to raise the cost of the premium. If you have roadside assistance with your vehicle or with AAA, you may not want to spend the additional money on roadside assistance. After all, you only need one company to be able to call in the event that you are stranded on the side of the road, need towing, or anything else.

Are There Any Available Discounts?

The reality is that you don’t ask for discounts, you probably aren’t going to get any. Depending upon the insurance company you work with and your individual scenario, a variety of discounts may be available. This can reduce the cost of your premium dramatically. You may qualify for discounts because of being a safe driver, a homeowner, or for having multiple cards on the same policy.