Agent of Record Letter In Florida: What does it mean?

Agent of Record Letter In Florida: What does it mean?

When you have home insurance in Florida, there is an agent who has worked on your behalf to get the best possible rate. This means that they are the ones that insurance companies will provide quotes to when it comes to making sure you have the best quote for home insurance that is possible. If you want to change agents for any reason, you will need an Agent of Record letter changed so that another agent can act on your behalf.

Why do these letters exist?

The Agent of Record letter exists to identify who the agent is for you as a homeowner. It is used so that insurance companies are only providing quotes to one agent per property. Otherwise, they could be wasting a significant amount of time providing quotes to every agent who might want to come in and make you an offer.

Another reason for the letters to exist is to ensure that an insurance company doesn’t create a policy for you at the request of an agent who is not identified as being yours. Consider how problematic it could be if every agent vying for your business were to contact insurance companies and potentially even obtain a policy for you? It’s best if you have one agent and they are identified as the point of contact.

Can you make a change?

You have the ability to make a change at any time. This is done by contacting the agent as well as the insurance company. You would tell the insurance company that you are requesting your information to be released to another agent.

The change is something you have to decide you want – and then inform the responsible parties for it.

Should you make a change?

If you are unhappy with how an agent is performing for you, it might be necessary to look up the agent of record letter and request a change. You want to be very sure that change is necessary because if an agent is doing their job, they are already contacting insurance companies to get the best quote for you. This means that if another agent contacts you, there is likely very little that they can do for you that another agent hasn’t already tried.

You don’t want to get into a situation where you are constantly making changes to this letter. It can impact how an insurance company provides you with quotes. It can also make it more difficult to make changes to your policy if you don’t know who the current agent is. The best thing to do is research insurance agents and then choose one that you feel comfortable with. From there, they will be the agent of record and there will be no need to make changes to this letter at any time.