Why Community Associations in Florida Need HOA Insurance

Why Community Associations in Florida Need HOA Insurance

Florida community associations often offer more than in other states. Perhaps it’s because of all of the sunshine and the general recreational nature of its residents. Regardless, you want to be sure you have the right HOA insurance so that there are no issues to deal with. If something happens, it’s easier to call the insurance company and know that you can file a claim.


Almost every community, whether it’s condos, single family homes, or any other type of housing, there’s a pool. The pools can be indoors or out. Either way, you want to make sure you have HOA insurance to provide coverage on the pool. This way, should someone almost drown, you have the coverage to deal with any legal proceedings that may come against the community association. The same can be said if someone hurts themselves around the pool, gets burned by the chlorine, or anything else.

Tennis Courts

It’s common to see tennis courts within many communities. This is because it’s warm throughout the year and people can therefore play any time. The courts won’t ever close, unless they are being refinished. Having HOA insurance can cover you in the event someone decides to paint the courts with graffiti, cause damage to the net, or otherwise affect the courts in a negative way.

Community Buildings

Community buildings can vary in purpose. Some may have restaurants or bars in them. Others may have pool tables and arcade games. Some are simpler in nature with furniture and an office center. Regardless of what you may have in your community building, you don’t want to hear about it being broken into, defaced, or items being stolen. If something does happen, you want to be able to call your insurance company and file a claim so that the issue is taken care of without you having to pay.

Fitness Centers

Fitness centers are also common in Florida and much of this has to do with people wanting to be healthy and maintaining a swimsuit physique all year round. Burglaries can happen in a fitness center, even if you have a security system and give residents an access card or key. To avoid costly repairs or replacements, you can ensure that your HOA insurance covers any such issues.

All it takes is working with an independent insurance agent who specializes in insurance for community associations. You can learn of what commonly happens in communities so you have the coverage to go up against anything that could happen within your community. It will provide better peace of mind to you as well as all of your residents.