5 Ways to Protect Your Community Association

5 Ways to Protect Your Community Association

When you manage a community association, whether it is for a residential community, apartment building, or any other property, you want to make sure that you have sufficient protection. Those who live within the property look to you to keep their best interest in mind – and there are various ways to accomplish this.

Neighborhood Watch

A neighborhood watch allows everyone to find out what is going on within their neighborhood. Everyone makes an effort to look at what’s going on. This can help to cut down crime and ensure that security is heightened.

Some communities do better than others when it comes to neighborhood watch. This can include signage to ward off potential criminals as well as great communication when something is noticed.

You may want to set up a meeting where you talk to residents and find out if they are interested in establishing this.

Security Patrol

If you have encountered problems in the past, a security patrol car is a good idea. This would be a vehicle that drives through the neighborhood on a regular basis. You can choose to have them during the day, at night, or around-the-clock. If there are issues, they will provide a complete report. They will also act as a deterrent so that criminals are less likely to come into community because they know there is a greater chance of them getting caught by security. The patrol car can also be responsible for calling in issues to the police on behalf of the homeowners.

Crime Insurance

You should have several different types of insurance policies in place for your community association. One is crime insurance, where you will have the protection needed if crimes are committed. This can include graffiti, burglary, break-ins, and much more. While you cannot protect the homes themselves, you can protect the public property through this type of insurance.

Community Association Insurance

Community association insurance is also important in Florida. This will allow you to protect all of the buildings owned by the community association. Further, you can have special insurance to protect your directors against anything that they may say or do. If there is ever a lawsuit against what a director did, you would have the financial protection in place, could ultimately save the association a significant amount of money.


Newsletters are a great way to inform residents about what is going on. You can tell them about any crimes that have been committed across the property so that they know to be aware. You can also open up a forum so that people can discuss various concerns that they may have.

Ultimately, you want to do and you can order to protect your property and let property owners know that they are being taken care of. You can work with an independent insurance agent to learn about the various insurance policies that exist so that you can provide that extra layer of protection.