Disasters Covered by Your Orlando Home Insurance

Disasters Covered by Your Orlando Home Insurance

Disasters can happen at any time. It is virtually impossible to protect your home from everything that can happen. The only true line of protection is in the form of a home insurance policy. By understanding the different disasters you are covered by in your Florida homeowners insurance policy, you can enjoy a greater level of peace of mind.

Natural Disasters

A lot of different disasters are covered by basic home insurance in Orlando. This includes fires, storms, hail storms, and even volcanic eruptions. You have to take a close look at the policy to see what it will and will not cover. Often, you have the choice between basic and broad coverage. You are going to be covered by things that you will never need (such as volcanic eruptions) as well as things that could happen at any time that you cannot predict, such as an explosion.

What you might not be covered by is a flood, earthquake, or even hurricane. These can happen in Florida and therefore you have to look at coverage. FEMA will identify whether you’re in a flood zone. If you are, you would then be required to have the added flood coverage.

Disasters Caused by Vehicles

Your home insurance policy will also provide you with protection against disasters caused by vehicles. This includes not only cars and trucks but also aircraft. The plane crashes into your home, you would be able to file a claim. If a drunk driver drives their car into your home, you would have the needed protection.

It’s not very common for vehicles to create disasters inside homes, but it’s nice to know that you have the protection.

Other Disasters

All sorts of other disasters are covered by your home insurance in Orlando as well. This includes riots, civil promotions, lightning strikes, falling objects, accidental discharge from your air-conditioning or plumbing system, and much more. You will need to look at whether you have basic, broad, or special coverage.

How to Add Additional Coverage

If you opt for basic coverage and then decide you need to add more coverage for your property, dwelling, and other aspects, it’s important to talk to an independent insurance agent. They can help you to explore the potential perils and whether you have the coverage. In some instances, you will need to purchase a rider for the protection. While these riders are at an additional cost, they are worth it if you ever need to file a claim.

Not all insurance companies provide the same level of protection. For example, some insurance companies might include a hurricane as part of a windstorm. Others are going to classify it as something else and require you to purchase an add-on rider. With the help of an agent, you can navigate the coverage options to ensure you have a policy that you can count on.