How to Be a Better Landlord for the New Year

How to Be a Better Landlord for the New Year

Being a landlord is often a very thankless job. You work hard in order to keep residents happy, and no matter what you do, no one ever stops to say thank you. If you want to be a better landlord for the New Year, there are several things that you can do in order to make improvements.

Focus on Logging Complaints

Many of your renters will have complaints throughout the year. In one unit, the plumbing may be leaking. In another unit, there may be an insect problem. Residents are likely to be happier when they know that their complaints are being heard and taken care of in a timely fashion.

This means up to you to log the complaints and ensure that they are being dispatched to service personnel quickly. You should also plan on following up with residents to make sure that everything has been taken care of to their liking.

Automate Services for Residents

Residents are busy, and when you acknowledge this, they will be happier for it. There are a variety of different services that will allow you to automate various aspects of the landlord/Rancho relationship. This includes making it easier for residents to pay their rent online, log various maintenance requests, and much more.

Promote Renters Insurance

Renters often assume that if there is damage to their unit, your insurance will cover everything, including damage to their personal property. This is not the case, and that is what renters insurance in Florida is for. You can promote renters insurance to your renters, and even require them to have a policy. This will ensure that it their personal property is damaged or stolen, they will be able to file a claim and have an insurance company take care of the details.

You can recommend an independent insurance agent to all of your renters so that they can find the best policy.

Purchase Crime Insurance

It’s also a good idea to purchase crime insurance for your rental properties. This can be for a community association, an apartment community, or anything else. This way, should a crime be committed, you will have the ability to file a claim and get the situation under control faster. This includes cleaning up after a crime as well as being able to have the legal fees covered so that you can prosecute an individual responsible for committing a crime on your property.

Being a landlord is not easy, though there are various tools that you can use to make life a little bit simpler. Your renters will be happier when they know that their needs are being taken care of, and the more you look out for them, the more likely they will want to renew their lease year after year.