How Your Health Can Impact Auto Insurance Rates in Orlando

How Your Health Can Impact Auto Insurance Rates in Orlando

When you get auto insurance in Orlando, you don't think about how your health can impact rates. Instead, you look at whether you are a safe driver, you drive a safe car, and you have all of the different discounts applied to your policy. Knowing how your health can affect your rates will help you get a better premium.

Accidents Caused by Health Problems

If you get into a car accident because of a health problem, it could impact your car insurance rates moving forward. Whether you have diabetes, narcolepsy, or something else that caused the accident, you will need to get a medical follow up. Your doctor can then make the determination of whether you are still able to drive. Your doctor could revoke your driving privileges and submit information to the DMV.

Every year, people get into accidents because of a medical condition. Someone’s blood sugar drops low and they lose the ability to focus on the road. Someone falls asleep because of a narcoleptic episode. Someone’s heart fails and they crash into a car.

You might have a pre-existing condition or the condition might present itself for the first time when you’re behind the wheel. It’s scary no matter what. The first thing to do is focus on the accident. Then, focus on your health to find out what caused it and what you can do to prevent such things from happening in the future.

Doctors Share Medical Records with the DMV

Doctors have a legal and ethical code of conduct to follow as it pertains to your health. If they feel as though you are in danger on the road because of Health problems, they can report this to the DMV. This might result in various restrictions put onto your license. You might need to wear corrective lenses, you may only be able to drive during the day, short distances, or with another licensed driver in the car.

Any time a letter from your doctor shows up on the DMV records, car insurance companies will have access to this information. They can see that there have been medical problems and will use it when factoring in the cost of your car insurance in Orlando. You might then have to go a year or longer with no accidents before you can ask for the medical documentation to be removed.

If your health has been a concern in the past, it's important to explore your car insurance options. An independent insurance agent can help you navigate the different companies to get the best coverage. If you have been denied coverage in the past, you can also explore high-risk insurance.