What Medical Conditions Might Affect Your Maitland Auto Insurance Premiums

What Medical Conditions Might Affect Your Maitland Auto Insurance Premiums

When you start getting quoted for auto insurance in Maitland, it's important to know the factors used by insurance companies. Several medical conditions could affect your premiums in a negative way. By knowing about them, you can counteract the cost of insurance in other ways.


If you have diabetes, you run the risk of having hypoglycemic episodes. There are millions of people in the United States who drive with diabetes every day. If you have had uncontrolled blood sugar, it is possible that your doctor has submitted information to the DMV that will affect your insurance. Additionally, if you have gotten into an accident because of low blood sugar, you might pay more for your insurance premiums.


Narcolepsy is where you can fall asleep at any time. Obviously, this can be extremely dangerous if you are operating a motor vehicle. Some people are able to take stimulants in order to control their condition. Other people still have the tendency to fall asleep at any time. Your doctor will often determine whether you are capable of driving. If you have had a narcoleptic episode behind the wheel, you might find that insurance is higher - or you are completely uninsurable.


Epilepsy is a condition that involves seizures. The level of seizures varies from person to person. Some people are able to remain alert and in control of a car at all times. Other people might black out or lose control. Often, you are able to maintain your driving privileges if you have your epilepsy under control. If you have gotten into an accident in the past as a result of your condition, it might impact when you pay on your auto insurance in Maitland.

Heart Problems

Heart problems are another medical condition that could affect the cost of your auto insurance. If you have had a heart attack, stroke, or have a pacemaker, your doctor will determine whether you have any restrictions on your driving. If there are restrictions based on your license, insurance companies will have access to these. They will then calculate the cost of insurance using this information.

Ultimately, doctors have the ability to submit information to the DMV regarding your medical condition. It is part of their moral obligation to document the information. If they feel as though you are a threat on the road, then you might lose your driving privileges entirely. In order to regain the privileges, you often have to go at least a year with your medical condition under control.

If you have a medical condition and you are turned about how it will impact auto insurance in Maitland, you should work with an independent insurance agent. By calling an agent, you can tap into their expertise to help you find affordable insurance premiums. They will tell you the best companies that write policies in Florida and take care of the comparison process on your behalf.